The Namdhari community has been into serving humanity from times immemorial. They have made their presence known to the rest of the world through selfless service and clear devotion, and in spite of their orthodoxical religious frame work they have extended their arms to all those in need.

His Holiness Satguru Pratap Singh Ji, Holy father of His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, had dreamt of an educational institution for his community.  As an incarnation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and later of Satguru Pratap Singh Ji, His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji also understood the strength of education as key to explore the untold mysteries and unknown horizons of this universe.

He always nourished in the soft petals of his heart, a school, that caters to the need of the Namdhari children.  This school, as he dreamt, was an personification of love for community, universal understanding, and above all service to mankind through different academic pursuits.

Bangkok is another strong seat of Namdhari fold and it was a challenge to establish an institution that was in line with Satguru Pratap Singh’s dream.

After negotiations, the land for constructing the “ Dream School” was procured.  The construction process was very smooth, thanks to the blessings, guidance and inspirations of His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji.  In the year 1997, on 24th August; Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, threw open the doors of this great seat of learning to His community.  It was a real blessing for all the children of Namdhari community to learn under one roof, thus full-filling the vision of His Holy father His Holiness Satguru Pratap Singh Ji.

Today MISB is synonymous with quality schooling.  It has earned the name as the institution for par excellence academic understanding, hand in hand with value based education, which has been the hallmark if this great institution.

The School owes this credit to the late spiritual soul thinker, seer and philanthropist, Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji whose presence is felt every moment amongst us all. We would like to express our love and eternal gratitude to our  father and late founder Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh ji, who led by example and pray that his guarding light and blessings always surrounds this school.


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