At MISB each student is looked after and the needs of each child are taken care of. Being an inclusive school, we ensure that there is a complete access to the curriculum for all. The school’s Special Education Needs SEN department plays a crucial role towards this goal.  Students are screened at the time of admission to see if there is any help or support they might need during their journey at MISB. Assistance is provided through various means and the school works closely together with the parents to ensure the welfare of the students.

Our strong English Support programme  is a tool designed to alleviate the difficulties in language acquisition for the students  coming from non English backgrounds. It follows a flexible approach which takes into account the unique needs of each individual child. The lessons are tailor made and touch all the aspects of the English language – including grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, writing skills, comprehension as well as colloquial usage. The programme aims to fast track the students’ progress and integration to the mainstream syllabus and thus enables them to access and benefit from the whole curriculum.

Student Counseling is a permanent and a crucial feature at MISB. Counseling is available for the students and the school policy encourages the students to approach the Counselor at times of any need or difficulty a student might be facing. A professional and a dedicated approach taken by the Counselor ensures that every issue is resolved in the best interest of the pupil. The Counselor works closely together with the teachers, coordinators, the Principal and the Parents.

The MISB Child Protection Policy is available for viewing on request from the counselor Mrs.Vandana Mathur.


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